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Frequently Asked Questions


How are you backing up my wedding photos?

Yes! My main camera holds two professional grade memory cards and I have the camera set to back up each image I take to both memory cards. After the wedding, I upload all the images to my desktop computer and another copy to a seperate portable harddrive. Once the final images are ready, I make a copy of them onto my internet cloud storage/drive. Your wedding photos will be backed up.

How will I receive my photos and/or videos?

Do you offer wedding albums?

Yes I do! Pricing starts at $275. Contact me for more information.

Do you have a shot list

Yes I do. I have over 50 "must have" or traditional photos for every wedding day.

Do you recommend a 2nd Photographer or Videographer?

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What is HDR editing?


Rush orders?

Normal turn around times

Photo Booth

Does each person get a print?

Do I get digital copies?

Can I bring my own props?

Absolutely! The more the marrier! Please keep in mind that our prop rack is pretty full and you'll need bring your own table or have the venue supply one to hold your props. Our staff will help keep your props organized and ready for use!





Do you own a studio?

At this time we do not own a studio. We have plans to open one in the future.


Do you have a studio?

At this time we do not have a studio. We have plans to open one in the future.

Which camera system do you use?

Currently I use the Sony A73 which won dpreview.com's most prestigious award for 2018 – Best Product. I also own two other Sony cameras, the A6400 & A6500. All 3 of my cameras can shoot in 4k video!

I own a variety of lenses which helps me in different situations. I use fast prime lenses that excels in low light situations and it also helps isolate subjects and creates a dreamy background blur called "bokeh"! I can quickly cover a wide range of views with my high quality zoom lenses and for super wide shots I can use my wide angle or 360° lens to get the pictures I need.

Do you own a drone?

Yes I do! I am certified unmaned aircraft pilot with over 4 years of flying experience! I currently own the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. It can take 20 megapixel images and shoot in 4k!

Are you insured?

Yes I am

Do you travel?