Frequently Asked Questions

Why ME?

Do you edit all of your photos?

Yes! I take the time and look through each picture and select the best ones from the photo session. Each photo will be checked for color and brightness and minor blemishes will be touched up. I think cropping an image is an art in its self. 

*extra charge for major photo editing (Photoshop)

How did you come up with your pricing?

Each client and photo session is unique. There's a lot more to just charging per hour of my time behind the camera. Before the shoot, I'll spend time researching photo ideas and reviewing locations and then I'll plan out what the day might look like. Commuting is also an expense and sometimes I may visit the location ahead of time to get the best shot ideas and preview the lighting. After the shoot, I spend a lot of time working behind the computer processing the photos. That includes backing them up, organizing them, editing (color correct, brighten, match white balance, crop, remove minor blemishes, sharpen, etc.), and uploading the final images to an online photo gallery. I take and make a photo!

Do you have a studio?

Sorry no. I work on-location and always have my photography equipment checked and ready to go. I can bring a backdrop with a variety of color choices, 3 flashes with remote control, umbrellas, light reflectors/diffusers, softboxes, tripods, and other gear.

What's your service area and do you have a "Travel Fee"?

Most of my work is done around the Metro Denver Colorado area. I love exploring new areas and finding new locations to shoot. I do not charge a fee if the session is within 25 miles of my home zip code 80224, however I do charge $.55 per mile if the session is beyond 25 miles. I charge a $200-$500 fee for any out of state photo session or any session 70+miles outside of my home zip 80224.

What about Copyrights and privacy?

Everyone paying client owns all of the final images from their photo session. They are free to print, use, and share for private use only. Contact me for commercial use rights or to have your photos private and hidden.

Can I reschedule a photography session?

Yes! Life happens, it's OK! Please call me to reschedule your session no later than 2 days before your session. You may only reschedule once and it must be scheduled within 2 months of your original appointment date. Down payment is non refundable. 

What is your Cancellation Policy?

You can cancel at any time but please consider rescheduling your session.

When will I receive my final photos?
Most of my photography packages includes standard processing time that starts the next day after the session is complete.**

Standard 3-7 days (No extra charge)

Expedited 1-2 days (+25% of total cost)

Same Day - Please contact me, let’s talk!

**Normal processing time for weddings, events, customized packages, or sessions with video will take up to 2-4 weeks. Please contact me if you need the photos sooner.

How will I receive my photos?

You will receive a private email link to your photo gallery (digital images in jpeg format) after processing. No log in required! Save your memories onto a CD, hard-drive, internet cloud, or my personal favorite, print them to display at home, car, or office!

*photo gallery will only be available for 30 days. $20 charge to re-upload.

Within an hour session I yield around 40-80+ photos depending on the shoot type each package will give an estimate on how many photos to expect. Within the photos there will be duplicates and subjects with their eyes closed or other unwanted photos. To save the client time, I personally select the best photos to edit.

Don't see an answer to your question?  Contact me!